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The end Herowarz content rework

Eng Game Content Rework


So I have been talking to some random players and viewing posts for new endgame content. So I taught why not put my ideas to,please notice the game just came out so if we ask for big patches we will not have them after they release their planned patches, try to understand the situation the developers are in so I think we should start small and rest gets added by time. There will be a poll where you can vote if you agree with some of the ideas and those which get the most like/thumbs up should be approached by the developers and worked from 1st to last, like i said the small ones only can be done 1st then they can add them by time but at least they will have a start.




1a. firstly the end game content we currently have it feels to much the same : maps & mobs , meaning the difference between the liberation and the player training are the same just different bosses and in the end you fight 4 not 1. It is a good thing we got new bosses like but what we need is something more in those liberation for easy and hard mode.


Such as : Interaction with environment . Their is a boss in the game where you grab lanterns in order to remove the blind affect left by the boss, also when you fight B in somara mission if i recall if you heat those generators you can stun mobs or b . My idea is to implement such interactions when fighting in liberation both easy and hard.


For example : IF you fight the robot you have to bring down electric poles which are placed when he is summoned, so that you can break down his shield .


The lizard which goes underground you destroy the generators immediately after you see his area of effect ability when he goes underneath and shows the orange circle underneath you try to lure him to the generators and destroy before he hits you. Team will have to spread out and go to the generator locations or either evade but if you use generators you can stun him rather then have to run around and every 2 or 4 seconds he goes underground its a pain and no fun.


This type of gameplay will make the players feel more challenged and remove some of the monotone feeling towards the repetition of doing the same thing over and over both in player training and in liberation.This kind of addition of the game wont require a lot of work compared to the other ideas players wish to have such as endless dungeons.




So I agree with Hiek idea just some parts have to be changed the dungeon gets harder by waves and longer you stay alive the better the reward so it will give the survival instinct a bigger boost. As for loot i think dropping accessories and Herowarz gold and buffs as the ones in the story and epic coins will be the best idea since to farm accessories is very hard, also sidekick exp book , these will be the cards as for rates on how much cards or how much stuff drops its up to you,if the mode is fun won't care about the grind unless it is no fun . Check the discussion also to see how the reward function would work given from the people point of views its a good post.From these dungeons costumes have higher percent to drop not like 100% but 20% , 30% or 40% higher then the current liberation and player training rate drops (if pt drops 50% in Endless mode is 80%).


Also same with the 1st idea above this insert interactive environment generators to stun or stop certain bosses effects and electric rod to break the shield from the robot and much more which you can do for every boss in the game. Also there should be 2 modes for this mode the normal mode which is like the liberation and the challenger mode for experts. This will be a mode where players will face random challenges such as : potion limit will be 30 or lower, buff potions can't be used, have less hp or mana so you need to use mana wisely and survive, you can't use potions and ultimate skill such as the right & left click together skill and the T skill button cant be used. These will improve attention from players to improve their dodging skills also remove the monotone or repetition feeling off the game and gives players variety of play styles to go for.


2. Challenger Mode


What is Challenger mode ?


This mode will be inserted in Liberation and Endless Dimension which stated above to have their gameplay alternated into a higher level and different approach of the game. Players will have to face these drawbacks : potion limit will be 30 or lower, buff potions can't be used, have less hp or mana so you need to use mana wisely and survive, you can't use potions and ultimate skill such as the right & left click together skill and the T skill button cant be used and more while surviving the hard countless numbers of monsters. For the liberation the challenger mode will be harder then the hard mode it will show like this: normal , hard And Challenger. In challenger modes the rates will be higher then the hard mode I think a 30% or 40% increase rate, with a minimum requirement of 190 depth to enter in the liberation mode and Endless mode in Challenger mode. For the normal difficulty thou in the endless dimension should be 160 depth and the drops should be accessory, equipment , side-kick exp manual blue and purple (purple rewarded from cards only) and also higher rate of costume drops with 2 days limit as normal.


Why Accessory and not equipment or Exp ?


So i believe that the current situation players are finding it difficult to buy the accessory needed for 170 depth which is why endless mode comes in for to give the players a different feel of end game content with the interaction on environment like in liberation explained at the 1st point and remove the monotone feeling also in endless mode maps will be different and have to be open areas like arenas like the Machine Stillwork City or a huge underground train station with terminals where monsters spawns. Since this mode will be longer then any player training or liberation mode because there wont be loading screens to re-enter unless you die and you need to revive or you decide to exit. I think that the time which you will gain from not waiting loading screens and the endless amount of monsters spawns with higher exp rate (30- 40 %) will give the players a reason to agree not getting exp cards from this mode cause they can grind for longer time and with no need to go to loading screen , it should be acceptable for most.


3. Clan Management Rework & Daily or Raids


a.Let's start with the Clan management rework.


A: Players can see the total level of other players and depth of the current character they are using that moment. No need to see character level if you can see depth level you can know if he can enter or not in the current dungeon from depth level alone . If it is possible tho Character level of the one being used at that current mission can be shown with the character he is using as well mary ,derrick, audrey & ecc.

That is a basic list which I think it should be shown as also you can then choose to change the way you want it such Highest Depth or Highest Character Level or Highest total Level. So it will be more easier for you to find people for your level on dungeon but in default mode it will be set on total level .


b.As for Daily's or Raids so players need more reasons to be in a clan rather then just having more friends and give more hearts alone. Their should be Daily's or Raid's or Same Dungeons but Clan oriented where you need to be in a clan to enter in it and only clan members can join or it can be set to work on every dungeon. A daily which can work and won't need a lot of editing or any new dungeon. Is the PT Completion Daily if you have 10/40 people in a clan and all 10 people complete their 5 daily pt you get rewards such as bronze pandoras box 1 for each in the clan if out of that 10 people 4 only do the pt you get pandoras box but if the other 6 wont do the daily they will lose it and have to do it next day. So the rewards should not be just pandoras box but a random item no 2/3 cards most will be buffs,gold or rare chance blue side-kick exp card, bronze box or purple mounts to be rare still at least the buffs will be useful to players so they will feel rewarded with something useful, no fish bait or purple gear or exp card should be in the reward card.


Clan should have level up and by completing these daily's you get contribution exp and the higher the level the more chance for better rewards,these can be discussed as for what reward you should get for that current level for the clan by the gm and players. The more people in the clan the more exp you can get and also the more you level better rewards and more people could join the clan rather then having to do partner clans.


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