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Some thoughts for HeroWarz, from an old player

i usually don't pay much attention to the story in mmos, but the intro cutscene with maya in the mirror intrigued me, so i decided to pay close attention to the story in hwz. even though i've read everything possible so far (minus the character extras), nothing makes any sense to me. maybe it's the horrible localization, but the story got more and more confusing and convoluted the further into the game i got. one thing that really confused me was hermes being origin and being stabbed (???). i didn't read anything about hermes being stabbed before it was revealed that he was stabbed, so i was extremely confused???? maybe i just skipped over something on accident... somehow...? the game never even bothered to explain how hermes is origin, either, so what the heck???


the conversations were really strange to read, because a lot of the dialogue didn't seem to.. match up? an example would be someone saying "i love pie." and then someone responding with "yes, we have the perp in custody." it was difficult to follow the story with the conversations being like this. oftentimes, i felt like i was reading a really bad fanfiction lmao. 


Some thoughts for HeroWarz, from an old player


another thing about the (horrible) writing, is that the further into the game i got, the lazier and lazier the translations seemed to get. i started to wonder why i was even bothering with the plot if the translators didn't seem to care about making it comprehensible. へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ not to mention, the wrong pronouns were used almost constantly for the women. 


i didn't understand why we, the supposed "good guys", killed people that didn't need to be killed. near the end, jun attacks us over a misunderstanding, and we kill her. why? for what reason? what was stopping us from explaining our purpose of being there??? she wasn't even an evil character, she was clearly a very kind person. her death was pointless. 


also, lionel? did we kill him or not? and one of lionel's followers- he had a follower that was a bird, that really didn't want to fight us, but we fought anyways. and.. we killed him. all of them were under the impression we just wanted to kill lionel, like why the heck didn't we take a minute and clear up the misunderstanding? none of them hAD TO DIE,,,,..... we just killed a bunch of animals because... reasons. 


and what was with the fragments? assuming they're literally just like the shards of the shikon jewel from inuyasha, and are stupidly powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands, the historic service (or whatever) handles them really flippantly. apparently, they just keep them out and about for anyone to grab; that sketchy redhead dude grabbed a fragment for each of his white skull members and no one gave a heck. WELL, WHY THE FRICK NOT??? do they not keep tabs on each fragment??? are they not under constant supervision? WHY NOT? we NEED all the fragments, but none of the historic service people seem to give a heck about losing or keeping them once we've acquired them. WHO hired these people and wHY?? 


speaking of how irresponsible the historic service is, they seem to trust anyone and anything like it's nbd. "oh, you tried to kill our players not 5 minutes ago? it's cool, you're clear of suspicions and can now work for and with us. :^)) welcome aboard, friend."max, mind, iq, and whoever else were trusted in such a short amount of time it heckin gave me whiplash. 


rather than suspect the "villains" of anything, ever, they suspected the gods that had been with them since the beginning, once again, because... reasons. why suspect people that have assaulted you when you can suspect your friends and coworkers instead? a+ logic. 


ugh, also they trusted deus insanely fast even after learning he was the last one to see benny, right? what the HECK. he was nothing but sketchy and suspicious the whole time. even when they found out he was a headhunter, they were like, "well it's okay, he's with us now" like there was no way in hell that he could be swindling them. HOW HAS THIS ORGANIZATION LASTED THIS LONG... FUNCTIONING LIKE THAT?? like, i get it's a dire situation and they were desperate, but you have to draw the line somewhere. 


about hades, i played her a little bit and i plan to play her even more, but not because i like her playstyle. her playstyle is really whatever, but her voice gives me some serious asmr tingly goodness. i usually don't get asmr from female whispering, so i was really surprised at how relaxed and sleepy it made me whenever i listened to her character speak. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ i could fall asleep listening to her whispers. jackdaw also gives me a little bit of asmr, but not as much as hades. 


i had more to write while i was laying in bed, but i forgot most of what i wanted to say lmao. i'll leave it at this for now, i guess. OTL sorry for the rant.