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Some Personal Ideas on HeroWarz Clan

Probably going to be a bit of a branching off from what Hiek is talking about, and before I even start, I'll say I don't know much about what the clan system has to offer right now as I haven't joined a clan before because there doesn't seem to be a reason to do so thus far (I do accept friend requests though). When I think clans, I think somewhat "competitive".


Some Personal Ideas on HeroWarz Clan


-Monthly and weekly missions assigned that each member contributes to in order to reach and rewards given out upon reaching them, Basically what Hiek is talking about above. Rewards a clan for being active. (Can be shared between pve activities and pvp activities in the future)


-(upon release of pvp) Even though pvp should probably have a separate ranking system for "teams" (the size of however many players are on one side during a match), It would be cool for clans to be able to compete as well.Maybe clans could issue pvp "challenges" to one another and either decline or agree to it and work out a battle date and time. Clan pvp battles would be in a tournament style fashion, but I won't go to deep into that.


-Competition clan goals in pve (may require adding a new mode or adding to one that already exists). As a random example, doesn't have to be exactly like this: Imagine a sort of setup like player training. Each time a player finishes one of the 3 sections, a boss appears. Each time a member kills one of these bosses, they get 1 point. Clearing all 3 sections removes 1 or 2 points from one random clan in their "division" (will talk about divisions below). So It works like a game of sabotage. At the end of the month, the team with the most points wins with rewards for second and 3rd place receiving prizes as well. Cool rewards like allowing clans to create clan emblems and titles (with moderate stats) and small consolation prizes like maybe silver boxes.


Before any competitive stuff is considered, clan divisions have to be worked out. Divisions are based on the size of the clan, or how many people are in the clan. I don't know the limit for players in a clan, but if you go with the clan level system and higher clan level = more players allowed in the clan, then it divisions will be necessary. In this case, clan goals will have to be "fitted" to the size of the clan's division. Now that I look at it, divisions could just be worked into Hiek's Clan Level suggestion.


Basically what I'm trying to say is that, at least for people like me, joining a clan needs to have things for the players involved to work towards and do together in order to justify joining a clan. Forgive me if there's already stuff like this in place.


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