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Not Let get into Item building in HeroWarz

As I mention Above find thing that will give you more Damage, give your skill an newer unqie style, or in general change how you use the skill like Orange Blade on B cost 7% hp, but there is an Perk to Change it where it used 150 Mana and not 7% HP


This changes all those Guide talking about how it cost hp and don't use , to an very spam for only 150 mana! which is an HELL YEAH over the 7% your Max HP over and over, and when you max it out with it 20% cooldown of 10 seconds to 8, you can clear mobs without wasting HP.


This is mainly to put Awareness to people who Follow Guide to the Core thinking it'll make them OP, but then complain how it not working or they can't get X thing and they only got X on their Gear.


Not Let get into Item building in HeroWarz


Which take me to my next point in this guide for people.


If YOU, are very unlucky, and can't get the Gear you want with the Stuff YOU like/want/Need - Change Your build to suit your bonuses , You have Siege? as one your Passive but you like the heavy run around Style find that one Skill that make you Sit Style or change from mouse to Keyboard and attack the Air and let the Mobs come to you. Is it Viable? Yes with common Mobs/ mini Mob Bosses (not the mini bosses before you get to the Real Boss) it very much Viable, unless thy force you to move, but that Beside the point that just an Example To make the most of what you have.


Which Leads me to my final Part about Gear, As Gear say what your Depth is, So Gear kidna control you til you get to level 70+ with 170 Depth Gear, to get to the Special place to buy Epic Gear/Level 70 Rare Gear.


So you'll End up Grinding as new player if you don't have Mate/Girly to help you out buying the gear and trading it to you, and ect, So the Grind part of the game from 150-170, and the Gear that has "Exp" under it get slightly higher Depth as you get more exp in it, While you want Gear that fix your style/ other gear, don't be shy to just change you Build swap your SP and build upon that gear to quickly get to the 170 Depth, like what i'm doing, if your not VIP, and unlucky you'll most likely not be rich enough to buy everything on the market also as new player, Or an Vet who just invested money on upgrade and ect for their main Weapon and ect.


Also know that Sidekick don't need be spam'd/Used for them to get Exp, on them so don't spam them willy nilly , save them and understand their ability, like Myraid Heal'sand ect, or whatever, Be Smart and think wisely and don't just Face roll like I see so many does, Maya Necklace Fragments are an very important thing for upgrading your Gear, and If you wasting it all the time you'll be Dismantling more and more gear, when you could just be selling some those gear drop to npc/market.


P.S To the people Identifying Gear then Selling on the Market, then complain (those in chat mainly) know that those spec make other classes shy away from the Gear, so if you have better gear, or high Depth, already and just doing it to find a lotto, just sell your epic+ gear without identifying as it might let an other class buy it, and be able to have it perks for their skill insed an Passive. Be Considering to new players as most like in my case Are grinding to 170 Depth, and when you have gear going for 1m, for Class Spec Can't even be used by an other class it make the Gear worthless ,and most likely cause as many know the current Event in place, most are for the Loli's Underworld goddess, and removing the market from other classes, which is very sad thing, think of newer players, and how much quicker it be to get more people to higher Depth so maybe their gear for All Classes! not one type only