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New Herowarz player with character questions

I love Ara because she's cute and I always find it amusing to be fighting monsters with a younger girl or smaller character overall. I haven't played many others because I really like her based on her looks and story more than her moves and stuff. She can survive fairly well because of constantly moving around, you basically jump non stop with her lol, but her defense isn't too great when you stop jumping.

If other small females come out I'll try them out too but that's usually what I'd rather play. I'm going to try out a few others, though I'm slightly scared I'll end up liking them too much better and wanting to switch to them 


If a feline like character is released I'll probably switch to them too. There probably isn't one coming or anything, just I mention it because I will switch to them in any game where they release them.


Anyway I like most of Ara's looks, though I do think a couple of her costumes look a little too boyish, like her starting costume (that is the one that comes in some starter package, I forget what it is right now). And I do find Ara's bikini one a little bit weird / disturbing but it's still a little bit cute and I'm not against it existing or anything since it's optional and not a forced look.


She could use a few fixes on a couple of things, maybe she'll get some more attention since she's got a leveling event going right now that may make more people play her this week and then they'll give feedback about her. Though I like her and will play her either way with or without changes since it has more to do with interest in the character and finding her moves and stories interesting than the power or defense.