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My story with HeroWarz, fun and sad

Alright, I'm going to be telling a rather long story of what has happened between me and HeroWarz.


I encourage you guys to actually sit back. (Hold CTRL and Scroll your Mouse Forward to Zoom in) 

and use your Arrow Key to scroll down while you read this.


My Opinions are very strong, and even if you don't like it, You should read this anyways.


So let's get started.


Back in 2013, I was browsing YouTube during my bad habits of Game hopping, and trying to look up different

MMOs to try, and sometimes I would go to a channel called "Steparu" who uploads new Korean MMOs that I'd check out from time to time.


One day I came across a video that caught my attention, and I was like "This looks fun! I want this to come out."

At the time, I was playing MapleStory(from time to time), and Grand Chase(a lot) and some Elsword, so I liked how this game was fast paced and how it played.


Then I decided to find more videos for this game, and came across another video by Steparu showing off the Towns.

And in this Town showcase, around the beginning, I saw a player who was Lv. 188.


as well as Steparu who was Lv. 102.


Keep in mind, at the time I was also playing MapleStory, which had a Lv. Cap of 200, which I liked.

So this made me want to play it even more since I like MMOs that have high level caps. (excluding Tree of Savior, that game was disappointing.)


So I continued looking up a few more videos of dungeons and what not, then moved on with my day.

(Year 2014) Now fast forwarding to about a year later.

This is around the time I been into Elsword a bit more than before now, and I watched someone who uploaded Korean content for Elsword

who shows off things that will come to NA in the future and stuff.


His YouTube channel is Je Hae Gwon He is a Korean player who built a fanbase of a lot of us English players and he decided to showcase stuff for us and actually communicates with us the best he can in Live Streams and stuff.


One day, he uploaded a HeroWarz video which is a Nagne(Showcase) and when I first saw it, I was like...

"Wait, is this is that game I saw before(?)" 


Except this time, the game looked much more polished and improved compared to the year before.


I thought the game looked amazing and hyped, especially with how he showcased Nagne with his choice of Music to.

I checked out his channel to see if he had any more, and I saw he uploaded a PvP video a month before his Nagne showcase.

PvP looked like a MOBA-style gameplay which I don't really care too much for, but I still wanted to try it out then probably get tired of it.

(I don't like PvP's that rely too much on Teams compared to 1v1ing or 2v2ing with a chance to carry.)

(Year 2016) So now, fast forwarding 2 years later.

Grand Chase had been shut down by now, and I've been done with MapleStory.


So by this time, I been playing a lot of Elsword, and played a bit of Blade & Soul.

So around February of this year, I see a video on YouTube in my recommended called HeroWarz Official - Gameplay Trailer which was uploaded by KOG.

(as seen in the beginning of the trailer.)


My story with HeroWarz, fun and sad


So, I told several of my friends on Skype and stuff: "Yo KOG is finally getting another game, inb4 Canceled"

The reason I made that joke is because, LONG time ago, there was a teaser page for a game called "Fighter's Club" I can't remember

if this was back when the site was hosted by Kill3rCombo, or after KOG Games took over, but me and some friends were disappointed about that

because there were hardly any fighting games besides Rumble Fighter, and Mini Fighters(Netmarble, shutdown.)


I also want to mention, I actually FORGOT what this game was during this time. (One of the main reasons I didn't play much during CBT1)

So, I applied for CBT1 and got accepted weeks later.


I got on, and picked Nagne as my first character, played til like literally Lv. 16 or 18 then kind of drifted back over to

Elsword because of Revamps/Raid Boss/Events at the time, and wasn't feeling HeroWarz at the moment.


Then, CBT1 ends, and I lost my chance to try the game more. (Which btw, I didn't know there was a CBT event)

Had I known about that, I would have gotten to at least Lv. 30.


So, next came the signup for CBT2, I applied, didn't get accepted.

After that, I decided to go play Blade and Soul with a friend while I waited for the game to just enter OBT.


So, the game finally enters OBT, and I decided to actually play the game, and just 2 or 3 weeks later comes the threads about

the changes "A.Storm" did to our version and how it's been completely changed.


Around this time is when I finally realized this was actually the game I saw from 2013 through Steparu, and from Je Hae Gwon.

So, I thought to myself, "We're just using an older build right? it's new to us." But No, that wasn't the case.

After more days pass, I learned more and more about how our version was actually being "remade" and not in a good way either.


So I later discover A.Storm's YouTube Channel, and sorted their videos from Oldest and decided to do some research myself.


I found out, that they never had these UI's and stuff in any of their Betas and stuff, and all their characters played a lot different, and

their Mana System was completely different. (Uses an MP Bar system similar to Grand Chase, or Elsword) and their gameplay was much faster

and most of their skills didn't seem to use any Mana except for most of their "powerful" skills.


But, I continued to play our version to give it a chance, and it was fun... for awhile.

and realized our version was falsely advertised to us. My Derrick played nothing like this and isn't as fun as this.

(I tried him in KR, 10x more fun and faster.)


Now we're stuck in the state of nothing to do but endless Liberation for Diver Codes, and doing EX Pantheon for Wonder Equipment

that is currently pointless to obtain anyways right now.


In the end, I became disappointed after wanting to play this game for over 3 years...and I actually haven't enjoyed a game

this much since the old Grand Chase days from Season 2 ~ Season V.

(Year 2016, September/Present)

I decided to play the Korean version since I recently found out it's actually not gated like most Korean MMOs.

(You cannot use anything that is related to Trading such as the Market/Trade/Send Mail, or buy Gems[cash] though unless the account is verified though.)

But that's fine with me, as long as I can play the game I once saw 3 years ago, and I'll say it right now...


The game is actually GOOD, and not because it's been out for 3 years and it has more content.

Actually, we're pretty much equal in terms of content except for 3 things.


1. Raid Boss

2. Endless Corridor (Endless Mode which requires a key from Liberation.)

3. Tower Defense (Which opens every couple of hours.)

Also, they ruined our version of Liberation COMPLETELY.


In the Korean version, Liberation is 5x harder, and they progress from Floors 1~700+ (6 runs a day per-character.)

Every floor gets insanely harder.


The entire "World" was also removed from our version.

You know that "Door" at the beginning of Liberation Wings Camp?

Yeah, that's suppose to take you to the "Grand Market" town, which is were all the lower level field portals are.

(Yes, dungeons in Korean version act like actual fields, you can enter, and leave at any point. NO READY UPs.)


Korea's (Normal) Third World is almost as hard as our version of "EX" right now, so I can't imagine how hard Korea's EX is.

The AI in Korea actually try to kill you, they don't just stand there for like 3 to 5 seconds like they aren't programed properly or something.


Bosses in Korea's Third World are actually challenging like "Mach" for example, the one I'm stuck on.

In Korea, Mach actually chases you down and tries to kill you really quick (and boy SHE CAN KILL YOU alright.)

In our NA version, she just runs away and does barely any damage, she's just an annoyance, and KOG said our version was suppose to be hard?

I think not.


I couldn't care less what A.Storm says about "We are PROUD of the changes we made."

You're proud? but are your players happy about it? No. No we are not.


Out of all the years I've spent play many MMOs, this game is probably the first game I've seen a Korean Dev try to "redesign" the Foreign versions.

It's a BAD idea, and you can see why other Korean developers DON'T do it.

I don't remember who said it, but I remember one of the GMs in Lib Camp telling us, the players who spend the most time playing the

games usually know what's up, and what needs to be changed. Well, I'm telling you now, and so has everyone else, the game needs to be reverted.

I'm going to make a suggestion thread on the "reverted" thing, which will probably involve the game to be "re-released" even if it takes a Maintenance of 1 week. DO IT.


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