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Mac Revolver Bullet Event Is Not Great As You Thought

Bumping this thread to bring some more attention to this concern as well as discuss what was mentioned by Yahu.


First of all, the rates are horrid, even with the 4x drop increase. It is more or less impossible for anyone with any sort of real life obligation whatsoever to obtain anything from this event. Sitting down and grinding with an end game character for 1.5 hours of 2x and 2 hours of 4x provided a grand total of 109 bullets. Note that this equates to 11 hours of normal time - which is important to note because not all players are able to play during the event hours. Hence, it would take approximately 60 hours worth of time to obtain the sidekick contract alone assuming that the player already has an end game character. Please note that this same end game character is capable of clearing certain EX dungeons in less than a minute.


Mac Revolver Bullet Event Is Not Great As You Thought


According to this page, the event only lasts until the 18th. The average player will get absolutely nothing from this event.


That said, I do not think Yahu's suggestion of raising the bullet drop rates is a good idea because we have already experienced a drop rate event. Simply raising the drop rates after this would be equivalent to spitting in the faces of the players who dedicated their time to attempt to grind out these drop rate boosts. Instead, I say that the exchange rates should be lowered to a maximum of the following.


MacMonkey Contract - 100 Bullets.

MacMonkey Awakening Scroll - 1 Bullet.

Title - 50 Bullets.

Emblem: 75 Bullets.


This would imply that it would require 20 hours of playtime for a player to obtain a wonder rank MacMonkey. This is more fair because it allows casual players to obtain the contract without much of an issue while allowing players who dedicate more than a bit more than 1 hour of gameplay a day to obtain the wonder ranked version of the sidekick - a number that is slightly more fair for those who have work, school and other obligations.


Note that I stated the exchange rates above as a maximum. I believe that lower rates are merited, and that these are the upper limit as far as reasonable rates go. After all, events are supposed to be both fun and rewarding. This current event is neither.


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