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Is HeroWarz Officially Dead Now?

This was June/July when everybody was already saying the game was dead.


It's also what I remember going on when I first hopped on the forums and was trying to be SUPER nice and stuff with little knowledge of the game.This was the first MMO I've ever been this active in the community on and ESPECIALLY the first game I've used the forums on. (Dude, other players let me have it good too: they got me on my low post count, wanting me to shut my inexperienced mouth and everything haha XD) I won't even bother reading the early posts I had because I'm sure they are hilariously, embarrassingly foolish. I'm sure any long-time veteran players that were there at the time and are reading this are nodding their heads in agreement with me.


Is HeroWarz Officially Dead Now?


Anyway, yeah. I've been patient since June and even with me starting off being unnecessarily positive, my patience has thinned A LOT. I can only have so much patience. Since release, the "larger" new content of note we've gotten is: 4 new heroes, a market, 1 sidekick from an event (can't remember if the 3 attendance sidekicks already existed or not at release), a weird costume npc that I can't really see myself using at the current exchange rates, an attendance npc, a somewhat sketchy equipment mod-rerolling npc, 1 stage of twilight zone removed, a fully advertised pvp missing, and I think 3 new game "modes"/missions. These are what I remember off the top of my head scratching the events.


This whole situation has been a great learning experience for me though! I haven't participated in complaining about a game this much since Sonic 06 (which was the first game I got for my xbox 360 when I was little! I have terrible luck in picking games haha!). I've been waiting, so it's partly my fault, but a game can't and shouldn't expect players to wait for the game to get good. And imagine other games hyping a game-selling mode like pvp before release, but telling players it won't be released for >6 months! haha.


I've been slowly easing away to other games as well lately, especially since we haven't heard from the devs about the game's general plans or direction since pre-release.