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I want to see a better HeroWarz in the future

I'm pretty interested in how the community will interact with the new marketplace. I'm also wondering if there will be actual options to bid for items along with just flat trading for another specific item(s).


Now for an important note to everyone reading this: BE CAREFUL AND SMART ABOUT HANDLING YOURSELF IN THE MARKET! especially for new players


I want to see a better HeroWarz in the future


This is going to be the physical start of the game's player economy and I'm not sure if everyone will agree to use the price lists in the marketplace thread that we've been using thus far as a base for assigning price ranges until the economy comes alive. Obviously, this means there will be scammers especially in the early stages of this feature and people who don't quite understand the value of certain items and don't realize they are making unfair trades. I have no idea how much freedom this feature gives players in terms of assigning prices, but if it's a completely free-trade system, we will have more means to go about trading for the things we want but even more ways of getting ripped off. If you are new to the game or are not confident in how to go about pricing your goods, wait a while and watch the types of deals other people post, then try the system out when you feel you have a grasp on it.


Hopefully this is just me worrying too much since players have been carrying out trades all along, but I've seen other game marketplaces that made me feel like I was haggling with pirates in the black market. And I've seen people in-game here complaining that they were ripped-off too, so just be careful about what you're doing and do a little price research. 


Hopefully I'm right about the costume piece npc and being able to create permanent dungeon-dropped pieces as well. It'll create a lot more items I'd be willing to trade for and a lot more permanent customization options for everyone. You guys might escape vanilla after all! 


I'm pretty excited about this patch considering one they are actively addressing a big issue we've been worrying about for a while. So guy's... This means they are actually listening to you and are getting work done. (I wanted to quote myself on a comment I made a long time ago that said something similar, but i couldn't find it. too bad...  )


Now my biggest concern is the mods issue. maybe the recycle npc will improve on that issue a little if at all.


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