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How Could I Have A Good Time in HeroWarz

Maybe two months is too little time to form an opinion on the matter, but I have been playing this game religiously in that time. And those two months were amazing. I absolutely love the characters in this game to death. Sure, the content may be a bit sparse, (Although generous compared to other free to play games I can think of) but finding odd ways to build characters that still allows them to deal top dps consistently, or easily clear ex content in hard lib gear when they are not considered viable by the majority of the community, has been an absolute blast.


I have browsed the forum content for a while, and have come to the conclusion that most the users here have an overwhelmingly negative bias toward the game. Did I just have the fortune of joining the game at a better time than they did? Am I speaking in ignorance when I don't have enough playtime to form an opinion? I'm not sure. My team level is over 1000 in that two month time period, and I have reached EX level on three characters, with the only ones not in hard lib being Derrick and Mac. Yet I am still having as much fun as my first time playing the game. I still have many more ideas for builds that I will try when the RNG slot machine allows me to. A mechanic that I also must be touched in the head for enjoying, if the community climate is any indication.


How Could I Have A Good Time in HeroWarz


One thing I do know, is that negativity breeds negativity. When every post that is met with pretty much the same jeers and sneers, it has the potential to leave a very bad impression on new players. What do the dissatisfied players have to gain by doing that kind of damage to the community? In my perspective, absolutely nothing. It only hurts the chances of the game becoming something better than it is. I get the frustration that communication between devs and players has been subpar, but biased negativity only serves to deepen that gulf. Even though you might be having a rotten time, and you want to sell all your hard earned gear in frustration, there are still others out there like myself that are really enjoying themselves. I will go on enjoying myself even if that negativity finds its' way into this thread. I just don't get why those of you who are frustrated would lash out at the game itself instead of simply finding another game to play. You can always play something else, then check in later to see if things are going better than they were. Instead of getting fatigued and burnt out.


It's more about the journey to me, than the destination. Even if I wind up as jaded as the rest of you, I have had a damn good two months. Why would you want to effect whether or not new players might have just as amazing an experience, even if you didn't experience the same? Are there any other special snowflakes out there that are as smitten with this game as I am?


Even if I am the last one on the server, and this basically becomes a single player game... I think I will still enjoy myself right up until the server closes.