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Herowarz Sidekick

I fell in love with this sidekick from the first sight back in Herowarz cbt2 (i think). Sadly enough, it is not useful at all, when it comes to end game content.


Hitori came up as i was chatting with friend in the Herowarz and we discussed it's problems a little. I had never previously actively thought about this sidekick's flaws or weaknesses.

There are two ways to improve and (maybe) make him at least bit of a viable pick for end-game content:


1) Damage / Area of Effect. Increase his damage and increase AoE radius to make up for the 55 seconds of wait time to re-use it. In order to use Hitori to it's full potential, you need to KILL monsters using it. To do that, you need to do more than just a 2000% damage. You need to at least one shot small trash-monsters. The buff lasts for a mere 5 seconds, nothing too major to pay any attention to, hence, another reason not to use Hitori. 5 seconds of a low to mediocre damage boost every 50 seconds. Waste of a Sidekick slot, in my opinion. Might as well put Hera in that slot solely for that stun effect.


2) Cooldown. No major changes to his damage and / or AoE, but lower the cooldown to 25 seconds.


Why 25, but not 15, like Shaggai? We discussed this and came to the solution that while 15 seconds (same as Shaggai) for a purely-DPS focused Sidekick that's full potential is realized when it KILLS large groups of monsters, sounds just about right, the [Immortal Empire] (his fourth skill) at Wonder rank would reduce that cooldown to 0 IF you hit a champion or mutant monster. That would be too powerful at bossing.


30 seconds? For bossing, because that -15s? Against bosses that would be okay-ish, but 30s would invalidate Hitori's main purpose: to clear trash monsters and buff you for doing so. 30 seconds makes it usable only on every other pack of monsters and would only be viable if the pack includes mutants or champions, while you can spam Shaggai every 15 seconds for a decent dps + heal. Shaggai is not even a dps sidekick and is still a better choice for damage, not to mention the heal.


25 seconds. 25 seconds sounds like a perfect time. You would probably be able to use it on most of the monster packs while also having a 10s cooldown against bosses, which makes sense, knowing that boss fights does not take that long. One minute, at the very, very most. Most often, it is around 30-40 seconds. (not counting bosses with "phases", like Bari or Hyperion)


Personally, i honestly think there is no better solution to making Hitori at least a little bit viable than reducing the cooldown to 25s. Not more, not less. I would love to see this happen, as this is one of my favourite sidekicks and, sadly, i do not use it for obvious reasons.


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