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HeroWarz Platinum Pandora Boxes Discuss

If they aren't already programmed into the plat boxes as an option, add standard and luxurious cloths to the boxes, maybe costume re-packagers, costume gacha boxes, Auras, Tents, Epic mounts (If you make any new ones), emblems or emblem 'materials' (whatever they were called), clocks can stay I suppose, and higher frequency of 'normal' permanent costume pieces as tier boxes get higher. Stuff like that. Don't be scared to add 'stacks' of items in the boxes and pick and choose which items should be in which tier boxes.


And I just want to make a point about Platinum boxes: The only reason people buy plat boxes is to get the Venus and Designer costumes. That is the only reason. Without the shot at those, they are just gold boxes. Whenever a person opens a plat box, what is on their minds as the contents are lined up on the screen? "I hope I get a Super Vitamin Aronian/clock/equipment exp booster!" Nope. They want a rare costume. Now it DOES seem like more people are winning full costumes, considering I'm seeing a few people with the lava outfits, but there is a reason many of us just let those Black Friday plat box bundles pass by while others ate them up. 


HeroWarz Platinum Pandora Boxes Discuss


If you get a one-piece box, your draw was a failure and the first thing I see people do with these is either take them straight to the trade center or open them up to see if they get a costume piece they like and if not, take whatever they got to the trade center. They try to get something out of their loss. As seen above, some people try to pull specific costumes, which is even harder. The thing is, there are just too many variables in the boxes when you try to get a costume from these boxes that can flop the whole deal: First, a designer or venus costume box may or may not appear, then if it does appear, was it the version you wanted (venus/designer), then finally, did you beat the odds and get the full costume? Add an extra variable if you add a specific color like with the red and blue pirate outfit.


The thing is: if we are against just flat selling the costumes for a limited time in favor for this lottery option, let's make a lottery just for the costumes and not try to put a lottery within a lottery like the plat boxes are. Then you can focus on determining what should be the main items that players would want from Pandora's boxes then rework and reprice the boxes accordingly. I suppose you can keep designer/venus costumes in the pandora's boxes, but as more as an extra than the main focus of the box. Right now, the designer costume is the alternate steampunk set and the venus costume is the lava set. An example of taking this approach would be to make 2 lottery boxes available in store (similar to the Izanami character box). 


A venus lottery box and a designer lottery box. This way, people can play the lottery for something they actually want. The KICKER with this approach is: even if you lose, you can immediately keep trying for that specific costume you want. This will lead to people getting doubles of some parts if they don't win a full costume, HOWEVER, because people would be able to gamble for the specific costume they wanted, I'd assume there would most likely be more purchases (if you price them right). If people start getting together, they could trade these parts with each other to try to complete their own set. This is basically like the approach fast food restaurants take when little kids try to collect all the limited-time themed toys. It would basically give people an alternate way to acquire a full set that they otherwise wouldn't be able to get on their own. The only weakness in this is that you can't actually set up trades for other items in the trade center (aka: Trading Lava Top for Lava Shoes) so players would have to go back to the original trading method.


(and maybe make separate lottery boxes if you wanna do the multi-color thing like the pirate outfit. I think Venus and Designer outfits have 8 pieces each and putting 16 pieces in the mix of one box seems like a little too much for RNG)


Just putting the costumes in store is easier, but I think this approach is much better than buying a lottery ticket to try to win a lottery ticket and would result in many more happy customers. It seems like Pandora's boxes will be focused on sort of 'quality of life' items. Also, idk if this is an idea or whatever, but I think adding hour-long item drop and penny drop boosters would be nice. Idk. I can only imagine so much.