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HeroWarz Patch Feedback + Pet Peeve

Alright, I was fully excited for this update. (not for Izanami) but for the Market, "Option Change" and Costume NPC.


But ended up being disappointed for a few of them, but along with these came some things that really annoyed me.


Trade Center - Maces/Maru

This seems completely fine, it's almost perfect except for 1 thing.

Items above 100 Depth are still Untradeable,

(Although, Diving now increase stats, but unsure about Blue Stats, someone confirm it for me.)


HeroWarz Patch Feedback + Pet Peeve


I'd like to see a "Repackage" type of item for actual Gears next so we can make things like 150 Depth Wonder Equipment tradeable.

This would further increase our economy since these would be worth more, especially if they have skill mods we want.

Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the Market, I only wish it came out several months ago before a lot of players quit.


Mystery Shop - Vice/Ali Baba

I really like this because it gives us more reasons to blow through our Epic Coins now.


However, I completely dislike the "Limit per-day" function. We should be allowed to use this as much as we want until we're empty with resources.


I'm tired of Daily/Weekly/Monthly mechanics that force us to go back to (Hard)Liberation when we've done Hard Lib for months.

A lot of us have plenty of resources over the past 4 or 5 months so we should be allowed to use this with all our resources we've farmed.


Costume Recycle

I was really excited for this, I was excited to get on and start dismantling all these annoying Timed Costumes only to get on and find out I can't...

I ended up being very disappointed with this and Free players should be very disappointed too.


What I want to see changed is this:


Time Costumes should be able to be dismantled and only giving you a fixed amount of "1" Cloth for that tier.


The only thing we have as a free-method are the Epic NPC Costumes from EX Third World, and these are pretty rare to even come by, Especially for a free player who might struggle with doing the runs themselves.


While the Market would help cloths being sold since they are tradeable, I wouldn't recommend those people to spend $4 on a Costume piece just to dismantle them

for an 8~10 amount of Cloths, this was done poorly.


Option Change - Gabriel

This one I was really excited for and couldn't sleep because I knew what the Icon and everything meant due to the Korean version.


When these were teased last night, I was thinking, "Oh It might be the stat change like KR" But then the GM's said "Costume Mods" so I got more excited since we would probably get to change our Gear Mods which are the most important ones, which sadly wasn't the case.


However, Snow White said we will most likely get the Gear Mod change eventually. (Hopefully soon)


Costume Repackager

This is fine.

I would also like to see a "Gear Repackager" type of system for the Market reason I pointed out above.


Costume Shop - Mad Hatter

This is fine and fair.