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HeroWarz Kraken Guide On Ara

Hello everyone!! Ara is currently my favorite character in this game until more new ones come out, and I want to share with you all a good way Ara can be played. There are different ways of playing her, but here's my way. May not be the best, but hope it helps!

In my opinion, Ara is one of the best characters currently in game and she is also very fun to play. This build and having nice control I guess with Ara, has me doing very fast Lab runs(Sometimes less than 2minutes, usually in 2-3minute range depending on map), and fast Lib runs as well. Also nice for EX.


Skill List


Water Gun:The first skill you get as Ara, not that good at the beginning of the game but you have to use it. Becomes a quite good skill later on in the game when [Get Trapped] skill is retrieved.


Jump!: The #1 Skill for Ara. It does not cost much mana, it is great mobility and it deals a great amount of damage. This is the skill you will be spamming all the time.


Rising Wave: Honestly, never really used this skill. Not that useful in my opinion except for pushing enemies back at the start of the game.


Blue Coral: Another not very useful skill, I never touch this skill as well.


Tentacle: One of the main skills you will be spamming while jumping all around. Low cool down, low mana cost, gathers enemies and decent damage. Also is very good with the mod: Special Service, quite op actually.


Mr Killer Whale!: Honestly a mana waster in the beginning of the game, but one of the main skills end game; especially with certain mods: Whale Cheer, Strength Battle.


Friends of Sacred Mountain: Honestly not a very useful skill except for early game because of running out of mana. Not worth using end game unless with the Bomber skill, because it doesn't cost mana and Bomber skill will help you deal more dps. Not too crazy though, not really needed.


Snappy Clam: Some Aras like this skill to combo with Kraken, but I honestly never use this skill. Not needed.


Lower The Anchor!: One of the best skill for Ara as well that you will be spamming. No mana cost, pretty strong and can cancel enemies. Good with the gear mod [Mythical Anchor]


Attraction: Monster Tube: I never use this skill, except when I needed to cancel a boss and I didn't have stun or anchor ready. KYAAA mod makes it quite fun, but theres better mods for other skills.


Octopus Bomb: I don't see a need for this skill tbh, not very good to use.


Water Cannon: Nice skill for beginning of the game, does some nice damage. Useless skill at the end of the game, and mid game.


Bubble Walk: Nice Mobility with this skill, use to run from a boss, rush toward next spawn of enemies, or depending on mods can be useful for using on bosses/mobs.


Tidal Wave: Many Ara players use this, I dislike this skill. Only usefulness this skill has to offer is the iframe (makes you invincible) for a few seconds. Not really needed for most of the current bosses, and when you need an iframe just use sidekicks (bari for example).


Kraken Mamooth: Way better skill than Tidal Wave in my opinion. Especially combined with 2 gear mods [Rough Movement] and [Poison Smash].


Deep Ocean: This is Ara's ultimate skill. Does damage over time and decreases enemy defense and attack speed. Not worth using at all, unless you have the mod [Depth Explosion].


Get Wet!: Don't use. Bad.


Get Trapped!: Use this skill, one of best skills (tied with Jump) for Ara. More damage, and alot better to use than normal watergun with Get Wet. Hold left mouse button, spam right mouse button.


Good Job!: no idea.


Shrimp Counter: Don't use, not worth.


Speed Shooter: A good extra DPS passive for Ara, also good with a certain gear mod.


Main skills I raised in order:

1. Jump!

2. Get Trapped!

3. Speed Shooter

4.Water Gun (not really needed, up to you, can save this for after whale or kraken)

5. Tentacles

6. Anchor

7. Whale

8. Kraken

9. Whatever else...


-Main combo I use: (While holding left mouse button and spamming jump of course) E (Tentacles), 1 (Whale), 4 (anchor). I use Kraken when needed to gather large area of enemies to me and on bosses (Because of gear mods).

I use Deep Ocean on quick large mob group clears, and quick hard lib boss kill at the end because of Depth explosion.

Add on to combo for best dps: Clams or Fishies (Also explained in Mods section)

Fishies: mods needed- Reunion (weapon) + Bomber(shoes). Spam this skill whenever off cooldown, cost 0 mana and does nice damage spawning about 20 fish each time.

Clams: mods needed- Drop Clams (shoes) + Corrosive Clams (Hat). Use Clams, instantly cancel the skill, spam jump as normal and clams will drop around from jumping as clams is on cool down.


Not Needed but if you want to use this skill: Spam Blue Coral in this combo will get more dps, but can be annoying to spam it. I don't but totally up to you. Works well with Pink Coral mod -Thanks Wraith. 


Gear Mods to have


Shirt- [Nice Shot](best mod to have on shirt imo), it basically recovers mana as you hold down left mouse button and spam jump (which Ara does all the time). [Holy Water] would be next best in my opinion (Bubble walk, press R again and it creates a giant bubble. It cancels bosses and gathers mobs and boss into the bubble for a few seconds and pops to deal damage). [Special Service] , which is pretty OP for spamming tentacle skill because the tentacles stay out and attack nearby enemies for a few seconds, and its pretty strong. As Wraith said: If your end weapon happens to be high power/attack speed but kind of low-mid mana(how mine currently is, mid mana and mid attack power, VERY HIGH attack speed) , then Nice Shot is best to use. Keeps you with high mana all the time. If you have a weapon with high mana instead, get Special Service because it is pretty freaking OP. If you get any 2 of these (Esp special service AND nice shot), then more power to your lucky butt and keep that shirt forever.


Pants- [Rough Movement] (Used for Aras that mainly use Kraken. When using Kraken, it gathers all nearby enemies into the middle of the tentacles, really OP for clearing large groups of mobs fast).


Head- Also depends on the person, few good ones are: Jackson, Strength Battle, Whale Cheer, and Mythical Anchor. Some may say corrosive clams too but I never use that skill. [Jackson] - has a 15% chance to appear when being attacked, he pulls aggro from enemies. Basically playing it safe, I don't like playing it safe with this but can be useful. [Strength Battle]- deals additional damage to bosses/champions/monsters and the initial hit will have a striking effect. [Whale Cheer] - 7% attack bonus for you+party members. [Corrosive Clams]- Enemies hit by Snappy Clam's Clam Bomb will have their defense reduced for a short duration, good when combined with [Drop Clams] -TY Wraith. [Mythical Anchor]- After anchor is used, it stands in the ground and creates an area that if you are in it, you have increased damage. Honestly, its your decision on what to pick from here. I use the attack buff ones (Whale Cheer or Mythical Anchor) at the moment.


Shoes- Honestly, I say this is all depending on what you like to use and if you like playing safe. I would say either [Bomber] (for a bit more DPS) which makes Friends of Sacred Mountain not recover MP, but instead blow up on enemies and are quite strong. Actually Really Good DPS add if used with [Reunion] Mod. Next would be [Shooter Instinct]. This mod increases your attack power for a few seconds each time Speed Shooter shoots out bubbles. [Fish Feed] will heal mp and hp when using Friends of Sacred Mountain. [Drop Clams] will help with DPS, use clams then instantly cancel to get more AOE damage because this mod drops clams while jumping around while the clams skill is on cool down. More aoe+dps. I like the Fishies combo better but depends on you! Use the fish combo imo if you happen to get lucky and get the Reunion mod on ur weapon paired with 1-2 of the OP mods on weapon. If not then go for the clams combo. - Thank you to Wraith for the clams combo.


Weapon- [Depth Explosion] (probably best mod for Ara on a weapon): this skill makes use of the Deep Ocean skill. Once Deep ocean is used, spam T every 2-3 seconds (costs 0 mana) and a huge bubble basically falls down and deals damage to all enemies on the screen. It can be used about 6 times each time Deep Ocean is used. Second best mod ( I luckily have both on my weapon) is [Poison Smash]. Along with the [Rough Movement] Mod, this becomes very OP. It makes Kraken be 100% critical chance, and also poisons the enemies to deal damage over time. Very good for bosses and for gathering large groups of mods,etc. [KYAAA] Only thing that makes Monster Tube useful, Basically press Q again (or scroll up on mouse) and it will extend a tsunami in to slide up and it does additional damage as you ride on it and come back down. Pretty fun skill. I would say, try to get a combo of any 2 of these 3 skills on ur end game weapon. (I have depth explosion and poison smash for example. A friend has KYAAA and Depth explosion) Another good mod (an extra mod if you happen to get as you transform your weapon or if you have this while waiting for ur 145 depth weapon with good mods) is [Reunion]- Basically summons more Fishies when using that Sacred friends skill. This skill is a very nice DPS add when used with [Bomber] shoe mod because it spawns about 20 fishes with this mod, and it cost 0 mana still, and can be used while jumping. Very nice skill. If you have this combo use it, if not then go for the clams combo if you like using clams. [Pink Coral], basically using blue cloral will leave the coral there and as enemies hit it, they will turn pink and explode dealing more damage onto bosses and monsters. Can be useful if you like using this skill. ~[Reunion] and [Pink Coral] I wouldn't go for first because the other 3 are Wayy better, but if you happen to get when transforming weapon then nice!


Overall : For Mods, these are the best ones in each item. The ones in Blue are the ones I currently am using, but its up to you and you like to use. Do what works for you with these mods and get what makes you most comfortable for running Hard Lib/Lab smoothly and get ready for EX.




In my opinion, it depends on what you're doing. Mostly in the beginning, the main one used is Myriad (a healer) for you and the party.


Without including the sidekicks bought or dropped at lib (rip rng), these are the 4 sidekicks to be used for most cases: Hera(stun), Sara(stun+heal), Myraid (Heal), Enkindra( lowers health recovery 100% and penetrates shield and does decent damage).


However, in special cases like in Lab/EX for example and you are doing Hyperion. You would use: Myraid(Heal), Bari(invincible), Mach (teleport), Sara (Stun+Heal). 


Kind of rushed at the moment, will add on to this and fix it up over time (will make it more detailed this week), feel free to offer suggestions. Thank you =).


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