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Herowarz and Peachy

I wonder if you guys have ever think about what the Devs in this branch are ALLOWED or NOT ALLOWED to do to the game before ranting.


Maybe it's not happening because they just simply are not allowed to modify/change it. (Remember this game was import over from KR and we don't know what kind of contract agreement they have signed)



Maybe the matter is being discuss since the post of this thread started at 08-08-2016, 03:35 AM which is not that long ago, sudden changes won't happen in such short time. No way. (but of course I haven't go out of my way and check every nooks and corners for the other older threads)


From my point of view, 

This game is for casuals but do have places for hardcore players as things are hard earn in end-game.

Endless grinding isn't new especially in Korean MMOs, RNG and grinding are everywhere nowadays in every MMOs anyway so you should expect these kind of things.

There are people who hate grinding and there are people who just love grinding no matter how bad the RNG are, yes they exists.


And about Market feature, I can already get a headache from just imagining the work that has to go into it. (I can't do coding :P ) 

But this is the key feature for this game that would solve a lot of problems regarding RNG.




To those who pay money for micro-transaction in games, that was your own choice, they didn't force you to pay money. If you regret spending your money later then blame yourself because at the end of the day, it was your money and not theirs. Take it as contribution toward keeping the server running.


The only thing we can do is wait now. 


Kog don't get to decide what goes into the game. Which is why I wrote my reply.


Half if not more of the posts in this thread are asking for 'Kog' to 'listen' to community, yes they can listen but they wont the one to make changes. So all of us can do is wait.