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HeroWarz: some issues, the requested depth

I'm just going to elaborate on some of the issues that Anger has brought up, and provide the requested depth.


The first issue that I'm going to address is the game pace. To put it bluntly, the game is too slow. I don't see any reason for some of the characters to have skills that last six seconds, nor do i see any reason for characters to have the attack and movement speeds that they do. It takes us five years to get from mob to mob because of how spread out they are; there are very distinct rooms and corridors, and monsters only spawn in rooms, and not in corridors for the most part. It breaks immersion; it doesn't feel there is a continuous flow of action for the sole reason that it takes players far too long to traverse from room to room. Our movement speed feels like it's half of what it should be. The way in which monsters spawn only detracts from this even further when combined with our poor speeds. Players often have to go back to get rid of a few stragglers that spawned near the end of a wave. Simply put, the fact that not all monsters spawn at the same time is annoying. It doesn't add depth to the game, it simply makes it take longer for us to clear dungeons because we have to sit around or backtrack. Spawn every monster in a room at once, or add triggers that players can pop in order to spawn more monsters. The latter solution allows players with inferior computers to avoid frame drop due to a large monster count, but is more tedious.


HeroWarz: some issues, the requested depth


The Vegas System buff for speed gives us a taste of this game's potential. Players feel speedy, they feel mobile, and capable. They zip across the battlefield in a manner that only a hero could achieve. Every player needs this movement speed to be their default speed. Likewise, most characters only feel entertaining when given the attack speed buff from this system; it feels like we can mow through enemies. Derrick, for example, actually punches as quickly as a real person when given this buff. Hades doesn't feel nearly as slow or clunky, and Nagne feels like he's the prodigy that his lore implies him to be. This buff, however, still does not fix some of the issues associated with character clunkyness.


Some skills simply take too long to execute, as I mentioned earlier. These skills need to be addressed individually, especially because most of them don't feel like they are particularly powerful. I'm just going to name a few; I don't know of every skill in the game because I have not played every single character for an extended period of time. However, Derrick's 'Derrick' (otherwise known as 'Captain of the Motherland' in several descriptions), Derrick's Twister, Derrick's Rock Smash, Derrick's Titan Slam, Mary's Screw Piledriver, Jerry's Spinning Swing, Jerry's Homerun Promise, Ara's Bubble Walk and Ara's Tidal Wave are all examples of skills that destroy the game's pace. They are incredibly slow, and using them breaks the player's immersion in the game because you have to watch your character carry out an animation that takes five years. These, however, were merely the problematic base skills; it does not even consider the fact that many skills take an excessively long amount of time to cast because the developers tried too hard to add an element of dramatic effect: the slow motion mechanic.


The slow motion mechanic is a cancer to the game's pace and should be removed entirely. It slows down everything, and is a complete and utter waste of time as a whole. A liberation run that spans 3:23 is extended to 4:08 due to these slow motion mechanics. This already factors load screens out of the equation; the run's true length was 4:23. I can provide a Youtube link to this if necessary. To make matters worse, the mechanic is emphasized if certain skills hit multiple monsters. Examples of this include Derrick's Nuke Punch and Nagne's Falling Leaf (to a much lesser extent.) Jerry's melee basic attack also has this effect, and items such as Princess Bari's hairpin exhibit it as well. This effect does seem appealing to new players, but it does nothing besides annoy veterans and waste our time. It should not exist. Period. The slow skills and slow motion mechanics make it so that some characters, namely Derrick, are better off holding down left click than they are using two thirds of their kit, and it's not as if that left click is all that impressive either.


The second issue that I will address is the restrictive cooldowns and mana, as it is closely correlated with the game's pace. In HeroWarz NA, players are forced to use their basic attacks. This would be perfectly fine, if not for the issue that it is far too excessive. We are forced to sit there for overly extended periods of time, holding down left click because of one of the two issues: everything is on cooldown, or we are flat out of mana. Every character needs to be readjusted so that they have a multitude of low cooldown skills, zero cost skills, along with a zero cooldown mana sink. This allows players to feel like they are always given the option to do something exciting. It feels much more enjoyable. Furthermore, every character should have a much better basic attack, which should, in part, be addressed by attack speed. In my opinion, Nagne's Sword of Nine, Mountain Cleave mods are excellent. However, they should not be skill mods. Every single characters should have modifiers like those built into their basic attack; I suggest adding these modifiers when players put skill points into their skills. Note that modifiers like Derrick's Fissure and perfect, however, are extremely poorly done. They add very little to the equation, and are flat out boring in comparison to Sword of Nine and Mountain Cleave. This modification makes basic attacks much more enjoyable to use.


I have already addressed the pandora boxes in a previous suggestion. I have gone over two characters as well, in an attempt to spice them up. If the developers have already looked over them, then I believe I will not have to link them again here. Please let me know if it is necessary. I will be making a post in the suggestions forum within the next two weeks that outlines a system regarding skill modifiers and player choice. Unfortunately, I am not able to deal with this immediately due to time constraints.


I understand that the suggestions I've made here sound overly drastic. They may not be taken seriously because the developers will raise an eye at the act that I want every character to have double their current speed. However, anyone who has truly played the game for an extended period of time will realize that it is absolutely necessary.


I, as a player, would like KOG or A storm to do the following.


1. Publicly announce general aspects changes that are anticipated to be made over the next several months.

This should be updated monthly with future plans. Note that we don't need too much detail, players just want to know what your goals are, we want to have an active voice, we want to know what you guys are focusing on, and we want to be able to hype up content before it comes. I understand that this is hard, but we won't need definitive dates, nor do we need every single detail.


2. Conduct AMA's from time to time.


3. Blog posts

If something didn't go as planned, tell us if you're excited for something coming up. Discuss whether or not certain suggestions were practical, and the extent to which the are considered, tell us what we can expect out of our feedback. Tell us what you plan on working on next. Give us insider access, sneak peaks and the like. This is the kind of stuff that really gets players excited about a game.


4. Open forum discussions with the staff regarding changes to the game.

If you guys don't think one of our suggestions is reasonable, point it out and talk to us about it. Likewise, if you think an idea is good, acknowledge it, or even ask for more detail. Talk to us, acknowledge us and don't treat us like children with no knowledge of the game development process.


5. Don't be afraid to focus on fun instead of RNG and entry cost based player retention.

Players will naturally stick around longer if the game is entertaining; most players won't set goals to grind out hundreds of thousands of diver codes just to get the right skill mods on their wonder gear. Artificial retention does not work nearly as well as building a genuinely entertaining game.


6. Sanity check your ideas.

Case 1:

A: "Hey guys, we got this cool new end game gear."

B: "Sweet, tell me more."

A: "Well, players are going to have to grind thousands of hours to get it!"


This type of discussion should never happen. The majority of high paying players are of the older audience; they are either in college, working, or both. They simply don't have the time to do this.


Case 2:

A: "Hey guys, let's give this character a skill that does 390% damage over five seconds!!!"

B: "Sure!"


This should also never happen.


Case 3:

A: "Let's make it so that Labyrinth sidekicks are so rare that no one gets them!"

B: "Mwahahahaha"


Need I say more? You guys really need to look into how reasonable something is before implementing it. Sanity checking would have solved all three of these issues.


On a side note, entry costs need to be removed altogether given the current drop rates for wonder equipment. Hunting for specific mods is implausible. Alternatively, drop rates could be increased drastically.