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HeroWarz: I think bringing pvp in the picture within the year

If it comes in and is interesting, functional, and has a reasonable degree of depth on release (a few bugs and whatnot at initial should be expected and are acceptable imo), it could be one of the major factors in eliminating the issue of lack of content within the game and give players something else to do when they're tired of grinding dungeons. In this case, I think cleaning up and organizing the pve content we have now and working out the direction of any new content that would be planned after that point would put the game on the right track, but I'll save that for another section (+) and finish up my thoughts on pvp. 


The reasons I've just sat quietly and waited for pvp thus far is because I know it's a lot of work if they are actually reworking all of pvp into another "form" from its original along with balancing and etc. Pvp can literally an entire second game because though it is gonna be a "mode" like labyrinth, twilight, etc, it will most likely bear very few resemblances to pve besides characters, general play mechanics, and skills. Most everything else is gonna have a few different nuances. But it's not just the mode itself that needs to be considered, so I'll ask a few questions that I think should retain to this mode:


HeroWarz: I think bringing pvp in the picture within the year


-How much will the pvp's rework change from it's original?

The entire game we're playing right now is a rework from the other version, so I think you can see that A LOT can change than what's predicted. All I know is that it's supposed to be more like a moba, but that info was from half a year ago and a lot of stuff happens in half a year. Don't know what to think of it much anymore.


-What will our options be in the menu of pvp?

Will there be a beginner/vs cpu/tutorial mode for new players to learn what to do? Will there be computers at all? Will there be a ranked mode (if it is actually gonna be a moba)? Will there be private matches? Can we have friends join our 'group' and then play against randoms? Will we have costumes for our pvp characters? Will we be able to spectate matches? Many more.


-Will there be certain 'goals' to strive for in pvp that we get rewarded for achieving?

Ranks, maybe costumes, character mastery for getting good with a certain character (that's what i originally thought those images were for that seem to change as you level up in the KR version), other little stuff like that. And I remember hearing talk that achieving things in pvp would also give you rewards in pve and vice versa. That would be cool too. 


Some of these questions might seem redundant, but they're reasonable because of what little info we have about ATV and what to expect. But these are what have kept me waiting silently because I do see that a lot of consideration and work is involved. Btw you can also expect delayed releases of new characters in pvp just like we have in pve right now. Yep I don't for a second think that all the characters will be there on release of ATV and from what I can collect on the foreign MFL character roster, some characters from pve aren't even in pvp. But I can see this being the case of the site not being updated, like the sidekick roster on the HW Global website (ours).


(+) Part of the reason I struggle to respond when we're asked "What would you guys like to see added to the game?" is because, in all honesty, I really don't really know what I'd like to see added sometimes (besides bug fixes, character buffs, etc, you know, the obvious stuff). It just feels like there isn't enough stuff here in game to build off of sometimes, so when asked questions like that, I kinda feel that even after months of playing, I'd still respond: "I don't really know. It feels like I haven't seen enough of the game to be able to suggest many meaningful suggestions to expand on what we have right now." I can't really see the direction the devs are pushing the game in when they add new content (like look at backdraft, heroic, and flashback? I think it was?). Backdraft is, to me, the most interesting of these modes, but they're all just alternate ways of getting materials and stuff that we've gotten before; which, don't get me wrong, is nice, but is that really the new content we're expecting? Part of the reason I think like this is because I haven't played the other version like others have so I could reliably say what should be brought over here. I don't feel like starting over, crawling my way through a language I don't understand, or setting up a vpn and all that to do so (if any of that is necessary). Then I look at things that we do have like story and ask stuff like: Is story actually even done?