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Herowarz - Extreme Mode Reward Rework Suggestions

I more or less wanted to address a few problems with EX rewards and its farmability. The problems are as follows

1. You have to farm lib excessively just to farm EX

2. You get useless sidekick awakening contracts

3. You get gear with dreadful depth values

This solution to these problems naturally comprises of three parts; the first is to replace Pantheon gems in the EX reward pool with diver codes. In EX Third World dungeons, these will drop in bulks of 3/9/30. This should more or less equalize the cost/consumption balance, and allow end game players to more or less perpetually farm EX mode instead of slaving away at Liberation - a task which is completely unjustified and pointless. However, it makes it so that players will still end up running out if they're unlucky, or if they are not successful in clearing the dungeon, which is fair. In EX Villa Skylla, these codes should drop in bulks of 9/27/90 instead of 3/9/30 in order to compensate for the higher entry cost.


Note that I do not believe players should be given any alleviation for failing EX dungeons, especially in light of the recent Rota bug. If a player fails the dungeon, it's their own fault. If they try once, and realize that they're far too weak, then they still do benefit from liberation because they are lacking skill mods or stats. Likewise, it's also possible for them to farm some of the Third World EX's instead of skipping straight to Villa Skylla. This provides them with higher depth gear, which would alleviate their pains.


The second solution is to replace EX awakening scrolls with EX awakening scroll tokens. Each of these tokens would be unique to the dungeon from which they dropped. For example, beating Headhunter Site EX would drop Headhunter Site Awakening Tokens. These tokens could then be taken to Tony Cruz, the sidekick merchant, and exchanged for either diver codes or any type of awakening scroll that drops from the dungeon corresponding to the token.


The final part of this solution is to make it so that EX does not drop gear under 145 depth, as this is nothing but a nuisance for players already geared with full 145 depth gear.


Note that this does not alleviate the class imbalances that make farming EX more difficult for certain characters; those need to be addressed separately. This is simply meant to eliminate the need to excessively grind Liberation - an area which provides near end game players with zero benefit other than diver codes and the occasional extremely rare sidekick contract at this point in time.