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All hail Pie and his golden crusts


Right now melee Jerry doesn't even compare to ranged jerry because of how slow some of Jerry's Melee's skills are. Melee skills for Jerry LIterally need an attack speed increase. like by 25 to 30% in animation speed. Not just her basic attack, but Tyrus,axe, tire pop, and spurt. There's way too much you can give the Melee Jerry that her speed for melee is a joke. It should be superior to ranged because jerry is MELEE. Tom is coming out with similar skills and MELEE jerry is still WEAK.

Jerry overall in general isn't a very fast character except with fungo. If i'm constantly waiting for cds and my attacks relatively slow I need to hit a lot hardder than this current Jerry does. I don't have specific numbers, but if Jerry doesn't have speed she should have damage.


(All this information is included with the mods)


Tyrus Spiral:

Tyrus Spiral is very weak and difficult to get off without the mod, and the rest I agree with corpito about. Increase its usage speed to, its very slow which makes it even hardder to get off.


Boomerang Swing:

Right now this skill is too weak, its cd and mana is great, but I do more damage with basic attacks. Its way too useless as it stands.With Boomerang I hope Corpito means how far you can throw the bat because there's a mod to increase its size, I fully agree with range increase otherwise.


Kick Swing:

Kickswing is almost a basic neccessity. It's great damage in melee range and the mods are barely useful because I dont get them off enough for them to make a difference. There needs to be cd mods for this or reduce it to 5seconds.


Ball Swing:

Ball swing charged has trouble even hitting the mobs, I was hoping we could switch the hitting similar to nagne's snake skill, where it hones onto enemies instead of the spray and pray we have on now. Basically Give it homing because right now what it is is a waste of a 100mp and very weak damage.


Home Run Promise:

Home run promise needs to not knock enemies far off at all, but only in animation, because parties have trouble and it becomes troublesome to use solo because there's no garentee the enemies even come back at times.


Axe Swing:

Axe swing is very useless right now because the charge time takes so long. The skill and damage is fine, but if it was a uncharged or very quickly charged skill normally, it'd be worth using. Also its range right now isn't very acceptable, for how long it takes too charge this skill, enemies are already in another position after fully charging it even if I can aim it. Give it more of a wider range, its length is fine but the fact I miss enemies slightly to the left is unacceptable.


Bat Drill:

Bat drill may do amazing damage, but if there was any quality of life i'd change it'd be its width. This skill would be impossible to complain about if it was just a little wider to attack enemies. The vortex skill mod makes this great without the width, but at it stands normally it needs to be wider.


Spinning Swing:

Spinning swing is a very useful skill but the cd doesn't match its damage.Also I'm always moving way too much to use it on bosses that DON'T MOVE. I shouldn't have to worry so much about getting the final hit off. Make it so that only 2 swings move you, or only the first one. Or allow us to control wheather or not we move by us holding down a movement key or holding down the mouse.


Spear Throwing:

Spear throwing needs to go back to be able to decide its range(of course with limits on how far you can go). You shouldn't be forced to have a fixed range for a skill thats basically a filler on the ranged build because only the charged spear is useful in damage.



When I use the friendship skill sometimes tom won't even hit enemies a little bit off from you pointed. For a skill that costs 200 mp and cd of 35 seconds its really unforgiving to miss ALL shots just because an enemy moved a little bit to the left. This skills homing needs to be a fixed circle around tom, where he prioritizes the enemies around where you clicked.



The cheerleaders is also a problem because you need 1k MP to even set them off their cd and effects are amazing but for 1k mp to set off seems a bit steep, this needs to be at least around 700 or 750. 1k just seems like a big number someone threw out just out at random.



Also Spurt has become a very useless running skill. For a skill thats suppose to be how fast you move, its useless in game where you have epic mounts that move much faster. In comparison to base jumping this skills starting speed is extremely slow and the damage is reasonable for its cd being nonexistent, but it pops enemies in the air when Jerry doesn't even have any skills that sync to enemies in the air. Why does this skill even exist? They should switch this similar to Audrey's slide instead. Where just using the skill makes you slide and pop enemies in the air. Also make it so that you can at least cancle the current slide into another slide, that way its fast and can keep up with people with "real" movement skills. Also because Jerry doesn't have any skills corresponding with slide they should increase the range of the slide. Nothing too much further than Audrey's just something to make it a single standing skill compared to Audrey's.


Power Batter/Away Match:

Similar to the cheerleaders, 10 hits on both the melee passive and ranged passive seems like a random number AGAIN. Just made to "look nice". This doesn't seem calculated at all but just something high enough for an excuse to get this passive off. Jerry's animations take a bit to even set off, so it might feel reasonable but its not calculated. At least make it 8 hits for ranged, and because melee takes so long to even get off at times i'd actually say 6 for it.